See BG is a full-service photography business, specializing in drone and aerial photography.

We utilize the latest in drone technology including GPS assisted flight control and multiple imaging sensors. Our cameras allow us to capture photo and video in stunning 4K quality.

We are a technical team of photography users who assist customers in seeing aerial photography and video of their agriculture farmland, construction progress, real estate, weddings & engagement sessions and more. The opportunities are endless.

Call or text us at 270-963-0715 to ask about aerial footage for your business.

Agriculture & Farmland 

We take aerial photography of farm land, agricultural land, vacant lots & more. Photographing farm land from the sky produces amazing photos and video. Whether you intend to sell your land or want to frame a beautiful shot from the sky, we can help!

Business & Real Estate Aerial Photography

We want your business to succeed. If you are in the process of selling your home or business or just want a beautiful aerial photograph of the structure, then we can help!

Interested in aerial photography? Call us at 270-963-0715